George Smith

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio site! If you enjoy my work as much as I do, then contact me below!

United States


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Java, Kotlin, Python, C#, C++, C

Full Stack
Spring, Django, Flask, JavaScript, React.js, MongoDB, CassandraDB, Neo4j, postgreSQL

Unix/Linux, Git, Android SDK, Pandas

My Work

Software Developer Intern / DeveloperDB / developerDB.com
May 2021 - September 2021

Designed, built, and deployed software that improved the data processing and predictive analytics of the 61M and growing profiles in the DeveloperDB database.

Improved accuracy in the data matching script by utilizing Python, Pandas, and C++ leading to the reduction of 3% of duplicates in each process.

Implemented backend features that fetch and organize data sets from Neo4j and MongoDB.

Reduced runtime of the data filtering process by approximately 30% through improvements made to the algorithms involved in negative and positive filtering, as well as by the completion of a project that simplified the startup process into one single program.

Personal Project / ThriveLog.com
June 2021 - Current

ThriveLog is a fullstack web app created with Python's Flask framework, bootstrap CSS, and Postgresql that utilizes all CRUD operations. The purpose of the web app is to improve the well-being of all by allowing registered users the ability to track their diet and exercise, as well as to learn more about health and wellness. Visit my site today!


Auburn University
Bachelors of Science
BS, Computer Science
2020 - 2022
My time at Auburn University has been full of many friendships and experiences. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I worked remotely for the State of Florida, and after for the CDC, serving people by educating them about Covid-19, in addition to scheduling vaccines.

Dalton State College
Bachelors of Science
BS, Mathematics
2018 - 2020
I enjoyed Dalton State student organizations such as SGAE, and I enjoyed working for my local government in the elections office for three exciting years. I also enjoyed programming for the first time in an Organic Chemistry graphing project I thought of in Python.